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I created this page to share information about the Nintendo Game & Watch toys from the 80's,
and will try to post some unique information on my page for G&W fans around the globe.

Game & Watch News

Black Vermin!?!

For many years there has been discussion among Game & Watch collectors about the existence of a black cased Vermin MT-03 Game & Watch. Recently I discovered a black cased version of the Vermin MT-03 game for sale at a shop in Japan which sparked my curiosity.

In the manual for the Nintendo silver series Game & Watch FL-02 Flagman game the MT-03 Vermin game is listed as being black in color.

The widely released version of the Vermin MT-03 game comes in a white colored casing, and the boxes and manual for the game are illustrated with pictures of the game in a white case.

When I saw this 'Black Vermin' for sale I thought that I had found something really unique, so I decided to take a few photos of it and do some research.

After some careful inspection of the game and searching on the Internet I came to the conclusion that this game was probably made by someone by combining the front plate of a Vermin MT-03 game with the black case from a Mego Time Out 'The Exterminator' game.

'The Exterminator' is a game with identical game play to Vermin that was manufactured by Nintendo for release in the North American market. The only differences between Vermin and The Exterminator are as follows:

  • The metal front plates for Vermin and The Exterminator are different
  • The Exterminator comes in a black case whereas Vermin comes in a white case.
  • The Exterminator was sold under the brand name Time Out! by the Mego corporation, whereas Vermin was marketed by Nintendo.
  • The packaging for the two games is different

Here are some pictures from collector Torsten Lindh of a Mego 'The Exterminator' game (Serial #00329690)

Because the serial number for the black Vermin game I saw and Torsten's The Exterminator game are very similar (only 3,886 apart), combined with the fact that the face plate of the black Vermin had some slight bending on it lead me to conclude that the black Vermin game I saw for sale might not be genuine.

Though this black Vermin game might very well be authentic, there's no way to be 100% certain unless we can find someone who worked at Nintendo in the 1980's that remembers these kinds of trivial things. So for now this is yet another Nintendo legend that remains unsolved!

Japanese Game & Watch TV Commercial

Game & Watch
on TV!

Listen to the Game & Watch Commercial

Here is the soundtrack from a Nintendo Game & Watch television commercial that was broadcast in Japan sometime in the early 1980's. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a copy of the video track of the commercial.

The audio track goes as follows:

Game Watch!
Game Watch!
Game Watch!

Itsu de mo Game Watch
(Anytime, Game Watch)
Doko de mo Game Watch
(Anywhere, Game Watch)
Dare de mo Game Watch
(Everybody , Game Watch)
Game Watch!

Judge, Ball, Vermin, Fire
Micro Computer wo tsukatta Game Watch.
(The Game Watch uses a micro computer)
Game Watch nai tokee wa digital shiki quartz tokee desu.
(The Game & Watch internal clock is a digital quartz type)

I found this audio file on the Hamari Bros. Game & Watch Website which is an excellent Japanese G&W website. Even if you don't understand Japanese, this site is worth a look for the design alone.

Japanese Magazine Articles

Watch A Go Go Magazine
May 2002

This is a 3 page article called the "Game & Watch Complete Catalogue" that was published in a Japanese watch collector magazine called Watch A Go Go in May 2002. The article text is in Japanese, but you can see pictures and release dates of all of the games, as well as some unique Game & Watch boxes that were sold outside of Japan.

In December 2004 a Japanese magazine called 'Kenguy' (English meaning 'Out of Range') did a special cover page story on Nintendo Game & Watch. I don't have full scans of the article here, but have put several pics online for your enjoyment.

Nintendo 1980's G&W Flyers from Japan

This is a photo of
Nintendo Headquarters
in Kyoto, Japan.

I have a small collection of scans of Japanese flyers for Nintendo Game & Watches. These flyers were available at stores that sold Nintendo products in the 1980's. I found these scans on a Japanese G&W site, but wanted to make them available to a wider audience so I have reposted them here for your enjoyment.

Ball Flyer: Front / Back
Silver Series Flyer: Front / Back
Gold Series Flyer: Front / Back
Widescreen Series Flyer #1: Front
Widescreen Series Flyer #2: Front
Panorama Series Flyer: Front /Back
Donkey Kong/Oil Panic Flyer: Front /Back
Donkey Kong II/Mario Bros. Flyer: Front / Back
Mickey & Donald/Greenhouse Flyer: Front/Back
Turtle Bridge Flyer: Front
Fire Attack Flyer:Front
Donkey Kong Jr./Mario's Cement Factory Front/Back
Tabletop (Color Screen) Flyer: Front/Back
Donkey Kong Jr. Flyer: Front/Back

SuperColor Series Flyer: Front/Back
Micro Vs. System Flyer: Front/Back
Pinball Flyer: Front/Back (Detail)

Japanese Game & Watch Accessories

One of the unusual Nintendo Game & Watch accessories.

Here's are some metallic colored vinyl pouches with a time viewing window for the Silver/Gold series of games.

Carrying Case With Button Clasp I think this case was designed for use with the Gold and Silver Series games.

Gold Colored Carrying Case This case was designed for use with the Widescreen games

Vinyl Folding Type Case This case seems to have been designed for use with the Widescreen games. It has a logo on it which says HandyGame and is appears to not be a licensed Nintendo product. This is a nice case because it can hold the instruction manual for the game too. Here is another image of the case opened.

Donkey Kong store display stand: A Nintendo display for retail shops in Japan made of white plastic. The text reads 'Game & Watch Multiscreen 6,000 yen' I've only seen these for sale on Japanese auction sites a few times.

  • You can also view a side view of the Donkey Kong display stand
  • ...and a bottom view of the Donkey Kong display stand.

Game & Watch fake novelty erasers called 'Game & Game' from the 1980's (Made in Japan)

New! Some Game & Watch style toys from a Japanese 'Gachapon' machine from sometime in the 1980's.

The Return Of Game & Watch?

This is a flyer for a
Card E game for
GameBoy Advance
that was available
for a limited time
at Toys R Us stores
in Japan.

  • In Fall 2001 at Toys R Us stores in Japan, Nintendo had a special promotion for a new GameBoy Advance accessory called the "Card E Reader" which is an adaptor for the GameBoy Advance that allows data/games to be read from a card and run on the GBA.

    A Sample"Card E" game was available for a limited time at Toys R Us stores containing a "Card E" version of the Game & Watch classic from 1981, "Manhole."

    In the flyer that accompanies the"Card E" game, it says that the Nintendo Card e Game & Watch Collection is scheduled to be released in 2002. This game is also listed on the list of upcoming CardE releases on the Nintendo Japan website and is currently titled Game & Watch Card e.

    The Card E games that are currently on sale are quite cheap, ranging in price from 191 yen to 900 yen excluding tax . The Card E reader that is necessary to load and play the games has a suggested retail price of 5,800 yen (not including a GameBoy Advance!).

    I have not played the Manhole Card E game since I don't have a GameBoy Advance, but it appears to be similar to the GameBoy Gallery series of Game & Watch games that were sold for use with the original Nintendo GameBoy. There is a "Modern" and "Classic" version of the Manhole game contained on the card.

    Here are some scans of the flyer: Front/Back

    Related Links:
    Nintendo Card E Reader Homepage (in Japanese)

Game & Watch Secrets (Stupid Game & Watch Tricks!)

This is a cool
trick/hack for all
Helmet CN-07 owners!

Here is a hack for the Game & Watch
Gold Series Game Helmet CN-07:

1) When in clock mode, push and hold the TIME button. The Helmet character will stop moving and will eventually get hit by a falling object and fall over. After the character falls over let go of the TIME button.

2) Immediately after letting go of the TIME button, push the GAME A (or GAME B) button and the TIME button at the same time.

3) Next, hold down the RIGHT button and then let go of the GAME A (or GAME B) button and the TIME button.

4) When the game starts you will have two Helmet characters playing at the same time, and both characters can accumulate points.

Special thanks to the GAME & WATCH MANIAX! website in Japan for the information.

Last Updated January 5, 2006

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